Confused between Handloom sarees and Powerloom sarees. Find the difference.

Handloom saree is a traditional textile art originated in Bangladesh and India. Handloom Saree is one of the most breathable garment. Handlooms are in use from ancient times and Powerlooms are used to speed up production in less time at lower cost. However, there is still difference between difference between a handloom saree and powerloom saree.
Handloom Cotton Saree
Since Handloom saree is luxurious and little expensive than Powerloom saree, you may follow these tips to differentiate between Handloom saree and Powerloom saree:

Weaves of Handloom saree will have minor imperfections and discrepancies, which is the beauty of the garment. While in Powerloom saree every inch looks exactly the same.

The back side of Handloom saree is same as front side whereas in a Powerloom one will find lot of loose threads that will be hanging on the back side.

Since Handloom saree is woven by pinning it to the loom. They often have pin marks or holes at equal distance on top or bottom of saree or near the border. In Powerloom it is not so, they are flawless and smooth.

Handloom sarees are soft in texture and more resilient whereas a power-loom saree are little stiff and hard in feel. Handloom sarees drape well, whereas Powerloom saree have tendency to slip.

hand crafted saree will always be special because every piece is different. Also the inherent minor imperfections & inconsistencies add to the beauty and uniqueness of each saree.

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